Easter baskets

Easter baskets

Easter basket is an inherent part of Easter.
We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting ideas for decorating Easter baskets.

Small baskets
Small baskets with handles can be made from thin chipboard. Decorate the basket with ribbons and put it in a few Easter eggs. Easter baskets will decorate your home and will be a wonderful gift.

Flower baskets
Decorate  fabric baskets with flowers  and leaves.

Unusual Easter baskets
Woven or plastic baskets with Easter eggs is a classic. For an unusual variation transforms paper box for eggs in a Easter basket and put the chocolate eggs in the basket.

Paper Easter baskets
Paper Easter baskets is a bizarre alternative to traditional woven baskets. These baskets are best used in a festive Easter decor interiors and gifts.

Decorated berry baskets
A great way to reuse plastic berry baskets to – turn them into a Easter baskets for eggs and other Easter treats.

Woven Easter Baskets
Variations on a theme decorating Easter baskets woven as much, and housewives. The general recommendation for these baskets – Decorate the basket with ribbons and flowers.

Easter Baskets for kids
The kids have the opportunity to make their own little  Easter baskets.
The kids can decorate a baskets with  favorite toys, flowers, egg. The main thing is that the Easter Basket for kids was easy and fun.

Easter baskets for interior decoration
These baskets can be woven, as well as glass, plastic or fabric. As a rule, they are massive, with lots of ornaments, and a minimum of food.

Easter table decorations and setting

Easter table decorations

Preparations for the Easter holiday can be an exciting activity. Until the bright Sunday there is still a little time to have time to find the necessary textiles, a set of dishes and appliances, as well as interesting decorative details. In stores, look for light tablecloths of natural materials: cotton, linen, perhaps jacquard.

Spring inspiration

Spring inspiration

Spring mood will help to create a festive atmosphere. Easter decorations are flowers, bunny and so much more. You can decorate the apartment with flowers. It’s nice and always interesting. Anyone can make a wreath of flowers and twigs. Try to make a composition with a candle, such as a ceramic cup.

Getting ready for Easter

getting ready for easter

Candles, decorative nests, young green twigs, spring flowers and … rabbits are the main elements of Easter table setting. Egg is the symbol of new life and rebirth. You can place the Easter eggs in a decorative nest, which is also a symbol of home, family and love of neighbor.