Dark room – how to make the room lighter

soft and light living room
Dark room – how to make the room lighter

Sun-flooded room is the ideal field for interior design. Nevertheless, not every room has such a wonderful property.

In this article, we’ll look at how to make the room lighter and, accordingly, visually more spacious.

Turn the room into a “white cube”

Nothing extends the premises like blurred boundaries between walls. Paint the walls with white, lay a white coating on the floor and your room will turn into a magical “white cube”.

how to make the living room lighter

Use the power of mirrors

Mirror has a huge impact on the illumination of the room, if it properly applied. Arrange the mirror in such a way that it reflects the window and the light wall. Thus, you are as if doubling the effect and increasing the amount of light in the room.

how to make the living room lighter

Use pastel colors

Experiments with color combinations can be very dangerous in poorly lit rooms. That’s why we strongly recommend avoiding all dark colors and gray shades.

Choose shades that are even lighter than you would initially like. The lack of lighting and brightness in the room will make the wallpaper visually darker than they seemed to you in the store with fluorescent lighting or bright sun light.

how to make the room lighter

Do not shade the windows

The window in the apartment is the only source of daylight, and in a poorly lit room it’s just a crime to curtain it.  You can hang light and dense curtains on both sides of the window to be able to close them as needed.

how to make the bedroom lighter

Watch for the light reflection

Light rays have a property to be reflected. Texture of the walls and surrounding objects, greatly affects the degree of this reflection. For example, glossy surfaces reflect better than matte, and light surfaces reflect better than dark. A smooth surface in this sense is more beneficial than a rough texturehow to make the room lighter

Applying these tips, you can significantly improve the illumination of your room.