Color palette: Coral, Ivory, Pale Green

Color palette: Coral, Ivory, Pale Green
Color palette: Coral, Ivory, Pale Green

Today’s palette is for those who love the rich colors of delicate shades: coral color, ivory, pale green. This color combination is often associated with fruit papaya. Bright flesh and pale green peel give us a wonderful combination of colors that can be used in interior design.

Coral is the brightest shade, it can be used in accessories for a more low-key interior, and in the basic elements (walls, textiles) to create a more dynamic space.

This creates a warm palette harmonious interior. It is quite suitable for the bedroom, kitchen or living room. In the photo options of interior solutions c coral, pale green and ivory. They look very cool and at the same time, it is not aggressive and does not tire the eyes.



How to choose the bathroom color – tips and pictures

Retro bathroom

Choosing the right color for the rooms can sometimes be a big challenge, especially when it comes to the bathroom where the result seems permanent and in addition the materials are very expensive. It’s clear that not all colors work everywhere. Below, we show you design ideas of successful bathrooms that will help you choose the color for you.

Natural harmony in interior design

green kitchen

Shades of green are insidious because, in large amounts and if used improperly, they erase all the positive impression of the interior. Therefore, green definitely need to be combined with other shades, both heat and cold, but necessarily, with the knowledge of all its features. We help choose the best green for you.

Bright color combinations for interior design

Bright color combinations

The bright colors help to cope with the autumn-winter gloom. The plumage of exotic birds can serve as an occasion for bright combinations in interior design. As an illustrative example, we take the parrot feather colors. Light green, azure, yellow – these are the basic colors. But these eye-catching shades will look too aggressively in large quantities.