Color combinations: Light pink, ivory color, Black

Color palette: Light pink, ivory color, Black
Color combinations: Light pink, ivory color, Black

The combination of light pink, ivory color and black is delicate  (due to light pink) and strong (thanks to black) simultaneously. Thanks to its versatility, this color combination is popular in any interior: in bedrooms, children’s rooms, living room.

Associations caused the palette shades are totally opposite. Pale pink color is associated with a slight blush, innocence, dawn, finesse and ease. Black, on the contrary, is associated the severity, drama, night.

Therefore, the combination looks very unusual.  We offer 24 interior photos made in this color scheme.


What color for a living room – dark or pastel

color for a living room

The living room sets the tone of the home and determines the atmosphere. She is centerpiece of the home which is the most frequented room and welcomes the guests.  What color for a living room you need to choose? The answer turns out to be quite simple and our gallery of images will help you regain the inspiration.

Black bathroom design

black bathroom design

Is black gloomy? No, it is not. Black is expressive and elegant. The requirement for use of black is a large area of the bathroom. Choose glossy tiles for the bathroom walls in black. Shiny tile surface will reflect the light, not concealing space. Lighting plays an important role in the bathroom with dark monochrome tones.

Trend: Black kitchen

Black kitchen

We are faced with unusual and sometimes very controversial trends, exploring new current trends in interior design. Such, for example, include the kitchen design with the involvement of a large number of black. Most likely, the majority of our esteemed readers deem black kitchen is unacceptable, and they will be right. But also, there are adherents of all unusual.