Color 2013 – Emerald color

Color 2013 - Emerald color
Color 2013 – Emerald color

Emerald color adds a luxury and a refinement in interior, as well as contributes to the harmony and peace of mind, relaxes and looks very presentable.

Emerald color is a warm, deep shade of green spectrum. This color is quite dark, so designers are advised to use it on an accent. If you decide to do a general emerald color background, you must to pay particular attention to adequate room lighting.

Emerald color is one of the most noble shades of green, it is suitable for any interior style, but looks especially relevant in Mediterranean style. Emerald color is combined with almost all the light colors: beige, cream, light gray, white, and many others.

How to choose a color for kitchen walls: beautiful ideas

How to choose a color for kitchen walls

Probably, the kitchen is room where we spend the most time. Therefore, it is important that it meets our expectations – functional furniture, beautiful colors, etc. In this article, we’ll give you design ideas for kitchen walls color. If you want to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, you can choose the yellow.

Three fresh shades of green

shades of green

The green is the color that is associated with harmony and nature, ideal for the kitchen and the living room. Also it is the appropriate choice for the home office because it promotes concentration. The green paint is available in several dark and light shades that create different effects in space.

Traditional kitchen design ideas

Traditional kitchen design ideas

Traditional and elegant kitchen design will always be fashionable and will not lose its relevance. Traditional style cuisine is more popular. In particular, residents of Los Angeles and New York are choosing traditional kitchen design. Traditional style involves the use of soft warm shades such as beige, cream, white, green, light gray.