Christmas tips and ideas: How to make felt Christmas ornaments

How to make felt Christmas ornaments
Christmas tips and ideas: How to make felt Christmas ornaments

Christmas is the holiday that waits not only children but also adults. That is why should start preparing in advance. To do this, make a list of the menu and holiday gifts for family and friends.
You must show imagination  to decorate the house and fill it with festive atmosphere.
If you want your Christmas to really beautiful and unusual, мake her design!  In the old days our great-grandparents decorated the Christmas tree with candy, nuts, apples, cookies and even candles!

The most popular and easy to use is  of course, a felt. Felt Christmas ornaments are beautiful and vivid. Christmas stockings and Christmas trees are the most popular felt Christmas topics.

You can create felt toys, hearts, flowers, snowflakes, and various other items. It all depends on your imagination and skill. These toys can be decorated with a Christmas tree.

To make a beautiful felt Christmas ornaments or small holiday gifts you can use pieces of felt (or any dense tissue). In addition to this you will need: colored thick thread, buttons, beads, ribbons and other decorative elements.

Outdoor decoration for Christmas

Outdoor decoration for Christmas

Christmas arrives.  The magical atmosphere that accompanies it begins to be felt, awakening our dreams and desires.  You can give free rein to your imagination.  It is well during the holidays of the end of the year! In the present article, we will examine in particular the festive garden decoration and the exterior of the house.

Christmas tree Decorations: ideas and tips

Christmas tree Decorations

Each of us has his own Christmas Tree Decoration ideas, but there are basic rules that can help you perfect the Christmas tree decorations. Discover our practical advice and a few tricks that you can use this year. This Christmas tree is decorated with oversized ornaments. Large silver balls and white stars are very impressive.