Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style

Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style
Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian approach to Christmas decoration is a combination of simple holiday decorations, low-key colors, natural materials and a special charm to the Scandinavian decorative elements, which it’s hard to describe in words. Christmas decoration in Sweden, Denmark or Norway, easily recognizable among many others – the abundance of white, symbolizing the snow and cool, the wood as the main material in the manufacture of jewelry, animal motifs (decorative deer head, deer antlers), monochrome decor, the emphasis on combination of many textures and finishes – all this gives a unique Christmas decoration in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavians like to decorate the house familiar to us the things that we often use in the winter. In their capable hands of ordinary sled, skates and mittens becomes decorative elements. Favorite Jewelry, which occur in almost every house on Christmas and New Year – cones, fir branches, glass figurines, wreaths and stars.

You will not see an abundance of bright colors or artificial colors, blinking colored garlands and colorful packaging for gifts, but even without this, in each such interior you can feel the holiday atmosphere.


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