Living room

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Scandinavian living room basis sets interior decoration from natural materials: wood floors, whitewashed ceiling, light plaster walls or pasted wallpaper. Scandinavian living room should have a large window, painted white. You can decorate the window light transparent curtain made ​​of natural fabrics.

English style

English style is soft high-backed chairs, a fireplace, rugs, porcelain trinkets … English style is a quality factor of materials, well thought-out details and a sense of proportion. It is chosen by true connoisseurs of tradition and quality. Living room, decorated in English style, dictates a certain lifestyle: leisurely.

1 living room, 4 color options!

Everyone knows that color can change the interior. We offer you this example: 1 room, 4 different colors! Which option do you like most? Option 1: Fun and fresh living room The first option combines a bright green, red, blue and beige.

Decorative pillows ideas

Decorative Pillows are a great accessory to any interior. They will bring comfort to your home. We have already offered you a selection of beautiful pillows.

Top 10 decorative pillows

Looking the interior designs, it is impossible not to draw attention to how much there textiles. Moreover, sometimes it is textiles “makes” the interior comfortable, interesting and beautiful (examples here, here, here and here). One of the easiest ways – it is decorative pillows.