Living room

Modern living room design ideas: decorative wallpapers

decorative wallpapers

The decorative wallpapers in the living room can completely change the look of the room. You can easily refresh your living room with the modern design wallpapers using the following ideas. The tapestry is a perfect solution for those who want to hide any irregularities in the wall surface.

How to create Industrial style interior at living room

Industrial style interior

If you like industrial style or American loft style, you can create it at home. And even if it is not possible to change the architecture of his apartment or his house, there are ingenious tricks that help to create the atmosphere of this super trendy style.

Modern Scandinavian Living room ideas

Modern Scandinavian Living room ideas

We have dedicated this article to the Scandinavian living room that delights with its refined and, at the same time classy. Scandinavian style was born in the 1930s and today it is one of the top trends.

Modern white living room: ​​design ideas

Modern white living room

If you are passionate contemporary interior design, you probably will like the following ideas concerning the modern lounge. Some living room interior designs have color accents; others are in the ultra modern minimalist style or eclectic style. White living room gives a strong impression and speaks well about the taste of the owner.

Shabby chic living room design

Shabby chic living room design

If you want to introduce some charm in the living room, you could use the shabby chic decor and furniture. The shabby chic style is vintage and very romantic. First, get rid of anything that is black and dark and use the white classic furniture. Curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads and, carpets etc.

Grey Sofa for your modern living room

Grey Sofa

The gray sofa actually offers much more than 50 shades of Grey! It is one of the absolute classics in the living room and offers various design variants. Choose one that suits you best. Exotic sofa, a traditional sofa or modern sofa are intended to meet the demanding needs of each client.