Modern oak kitchen: outstanding examples to enjoy

Modern oak kitchen

Wood as a material is very suitable for the kitchen! In addition, it fits perfectly in modern minimalist decors. The oak blends perfectly with the white facades kitchen cabinets. You can also think of a floor covering using oak material. Thus, you will obtain unparalleled comfort for feet.

Shabby chic kitchen: fascinating ideas for you

Shabby chic kitchen

Do you ever think about integrating the shabby chic style in your home? We are pleased to present you the splendor of this style using `a shabby chic kitchen gallery. The wooden storage cabinets with a worn surface are a very important element of the shabby chic kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops : Choosing a Surface Material


Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, building one from scratch or just ready to give yours a face-lift, countertops are a central part of the look. Solid Surfacing Made primarily from acrylic and polyester, solid surfacing first was sold under the brand name Corian, which is often (erroneously) used as a generic term for it.

Island kitchen ideas

Island kitchen ideas

Kitchen-island plan is when some of the elements of the working kitchen space are moved to the center, forming the island rectangular or curved shapes. Kitchen Island is the perfect solution for large kitchens or studio. Kitchen Island frees working plane along the walls.

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Want to create the perfect modern kitchen? Browse our gallery of ideas for inspiration and advice, and use the ideas to create a stunning space whatever your budget.