Backsplash ideas for your kitchen

Backsplash ideas

There is an extremely important element that must be taken seriously when we are now building a luxurious kitchen: backsplash! Modern, original, chic, classic or glamorous, kitchen backsplash must be in accordance with the storage cabinets, work plan, painting the walls and interior decoration.

Stainless steel worktop

Stainless steel worktop

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Are you looking a new kitchen countertop? Since there is a wide range of materials and designs, you need to be well informed before deciding. Stainless steel is a material widely used in professional kitchens of restaurants. The reason lies in its characteristics – it is almost indestructible.

Corner cabinets for the best use of even the smallest corners

Corner cabinets

We must admit that the corner cabinet is a good way to optimize the use of home space.¬† The corner cabinets in the dining room are used as a sideboard or buffet. They’re used to better organize his clothes in the room. While in the kitchen, we took the opportunity to store food which does not need refrigeration.

Modern rustic kitchen ideas that awaken your imagination

Modern rustic kitchen

Modern rustic kitchen is a beautiful blend of authenticity and modernity. It abounds with wood elements and stone details. Modern rustic kitchen invites contemporary fireplace to lend its charm and chic appearance. The rustic kitchen decor  is mixing of natural colors, rough wood items, terracotta tiles and natural stone details.

Kitchen renovation ideas in small Budget

Kitchen renovation ideas

There are several possibilities to give the kitchen a new look without spending too much. The following kitchen renovation ideas will give you practical advice that you can use, and in this way you will save money. A fresh paint coat on the walls and ceiling can radically change the look of the old kitchen at reasonable prices.

Provence kitchen style: design ideas

Provence kitchen style

Provence kitchen style is the embodiment of comfort and family traditions. It is bright, sunny, cozy, as if they were saturated with the scent of herbs. Provence style is characterized by simplicity and elegance. It is famous for its romance and light pastel colors. Mostly it is a white, beige, blue and green shade.