Kids room

Kids Room: 3 in 1

Kids Room

Three main components of the development of the child are realized in this beautiful kid’s room: bedroom, study and play. Room size allows equipping several comfortable areas. A child should not be limited in their in their hobbies and desires. Large windows, which also serve as access to the garden, are a real dream.

A Christmas Tale

kids room

Children look forward to Christmas. Joy and exciting waiting for holiday permeates them! The main place in a room at this time became the table where guys write letters to Santa Claus.

Creative Kids room ideas to create a unique world of childhood

Creative Kids room ideas

Children still believe in miracles, in the invincible heroes and good fairies! They want to be involved in some fantastic stories and wait, wait, wait for the moment … Maybe it will come to the tooth fairy or funny monsters . Yes, we want them longer believed in Santa Claus … Therefore, kids room cannot be boring.

Kids room storage ideas. Part 3

space under the bed

Space under the bed The space under the bed is ideal for those things that you need to hide for a while – textbooks in the summer holidays, sports equipment.

Kids room storage ideas. Part 2

Kids room storage ideas. Part 2

Shelving with drawers, baskets and boxes An airy and uncluttered kids room with everything in its place is the way to ensure kids development, rest,  and a sound sleep. Clothes, bed linens, and personal items should all be within easy reach but stored efficiently.

Kids room storage ideas. Part 1

Kids room storage ideas. Part 1

Order and kids room are often incompatible concepts. Children are surrounded by a mass of things: toys, games, books, school supplies, sport supplies, painting, clothing and more. And all this must be stored somewhere. That is why an important role in creating the kids room design  play the competent organization of storage space.