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Modern Ideas to kids room Design in Eco Style

Ecostyle kidsroom

Children need light, warmth, caring and your sincere love in order that they grow up healthy and happy. The situation in which the child lives and develops plays an important role. Therefore, it is important and necessary to form not only practical, but also highly aesthetic atmosphere in the children’s room.

Children’s clothes storage ideas

Children’s clothes storage ideas

Children grow very quickly, and their needs change with each passing day and month of life. Frequent change of wardrobe is due to the rapid growth of children, so parents need to think about where and how to store children’s things, especially if the room is small.

Fantastic design for kid’s room

Fantastic design for kid’s room

Modern design for kid’s room involves a special decor. Here the main rule is to create a fantasy world based on the perception of the child. The collection of traditional and modern technologies allow to dream and to surprise. But do not forget about the main purpose of modern furniture.

Decorate a child’s shared room

child's shared room

Despite the dissension that sometimes exists between brothers and sisters, it is possible to create their very own space that is harmonious and fun. We propose today 5 tips for decorating a child’s shared room. In a shared room, especially if two children sleep there, you can create a sense of unity. Bedding is an excellent starting point.

Teen room

Teen room

Teen room is a kind of synthesis of the work area, library and bedroom.  Every year the role and size of the teen study area increases. Check out these colorful teen study areas filled with bright, fun accents and get inspired to make over your own. Fill your teen’s bedroom with her favorite color.

Kids Room: 3 in 1

Kids Room

Three main components of the development of the child are realized in this beautiful kid’s room: bedroom, study and play. Room size allows equipping several comfortable areas. A child should not be limited in their in their hobbies and desires. Large windows, which also serve as access to the garden, are a real dream.

A Christmas Tale

kids room

Children look forward to Christmas. Joy and exciting waiting for holiday permeates them! The main place in a room at this time became the table where guys write letters to Santa Claus.