Bedside furniture: side tables and dressers

Bedside furniture: side tables and dressers

We continue to pick up interesting  bedroom decorating ideas. Side tables are in most of the decorative furniture. Side table more suited to bedrooms with a lot of furniture for storage. Nightstands can combine the functions of a table and a dresser.

Top 10: Bedside furniture – nightstands

The bedside furniture is the first place you see after you wake up and the last before retiring. Therefore, it must combine the large number of functions. There are many options might look like a bedside furniture – this can be a table, nightstand or dresser, the lamp can stand on the furniture or be attached to the wall.

how to use the bedroom space effectively

Continuing a series of collections, -How to use the room space  effectively- with helpful tips on how to organize things in the kitchen, bathroom, and now in the bedroom.  Storage Boxes on wheels The space under the bed can fill multiple the storage boxes on wheels.

Top 10: modern beds

Most people thinks  that bed is of a rectangular shape out of wood or particle board on legs. But the designers have really crazy Association. See and be surprised.  Personal space. This is not just a bed – this is your micro-cosmos. This effect is achieved due to the spherical circles that hold the bed.  Bed-molecule.