When decorating the bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. It should also suit the style and tastes of both people who are to use it.

What are the wallpaper can be glued to the bathroom walls?

Of course, the best tiles for the walls in the bathroom of the material is not. But many people prefer to hang wallpaper in the bathroom. So what are the wallpaper can be glued to the bathroom walls? You can glue washable wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, screen printing wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper with the picture on the label.

Top 10: how to use the bathroom space effectively

Bathroom frequently combines a bathroom, toilet, shower, washing machine, a resting place. Here we are going to work that morning, but here are going to sleep. In addition, the bathroom has a large portion of detergent powders, toiletries, cosmetics, and jewelry.

small bathroom design ideas

Bathroom – the most favorite place in the home for many. But as a rule, and the smallest room in the house. Here are some tips on how to visually enlarge the bathroom. Layout You need to do the bathroom layout before the renovation that the bathroom  space has been used wisely and without frills.