When decorating the bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. It should also suit the style and tastes of both people who are to use it.

How to store things in the bathroom

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom contains many small items that begin to clutter up the room. To bathroom did not look like a warehouse, we offer a look at some design ideas for store things in the bathroom.

Small Space Solutions: bathroom design ideas

bathroom ides for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms are common problem. However, yardage is not important in a good interior design. The emotions that it evokes are important. If you think about square meters in a small bathroom – it is a failure for the designer.

Nautical interior design: bathroom

Nautical interior design bathroom

Nautical interior design is impressive and original. It is different functionality, spaciousness and a sense of liberty. The most common way to bathroom design in a nautical style is the use of nautical theme paintings. Images can be quite different: sailing boat, gulls and dolphins and all that is associated with the sea.

Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas For Cozy Homes

Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom (as any part of the apartment) performs a number of important functions in the household. This is not only a bath and a shower, but washing and storage of bathroom accessories. Therefore, you need to equip the bathroom, so that it was not only beautiful, but also comfortable. If the area is very small, it’s not a problem.

Eclectic bathrooms

Eclectic bathrooms

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, say YES to that furniture that you like. This is huge advantage eclecticism. You should not throw away your favorite things. It is only important to group them correctly to avoid piling up of details. However, the result you get is not a faceless magazine picture, and cozy “home”.

Eco bathroom design

Eco bathroom design

The main task of Eco bathroom design isĀ  to give a sense of oneness with nature. This is an attempt to restore the natural harmonious environment in a interior. Here are a few ways to accomplish this design task. Natural materials The eco bathroom design has only one rule: use harmless and natural materials.

The red color in the bathroom design

red color in the bathroom design

The color scheme is the most important design element. The mood, comfort and home style depends correct choice of color. Bathroom usually has a small size, so it is especially important to consider the color that will dominate in its decoration. Saturated colors became fashionable to use bathroom design.