When decorating the bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. It should also suit the style and tastes of both people who are to use it.

Green mosaic bathroom tiles

Green mosaic bathroom tile

If interior designers want to give color accents in bathroom, they use the decorative mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles ennoble space and add a touch of luxury even in the simplest bathrooms. We present a popular trend in recent months. It is the bathroom wall covering with green mosaic.

Bathroom mural wallpaper: beautiful designs by Wall & Deco

Bathroom mural wallpaper

If you believe that the wallpapers are not appropriate to adorn the bathroom walls, it would be better to take a look at our photo gallery below. We selected beautiful designs that will convince you that the bathroom wallpaper is ideal as contemporary wall decor. The modern wallpaper for bathroom is moisture resistant. Its use is not a problem.

Classic bathroom interior design

Classic bathroom interior design

If you love luxury and graceful things, classic bathroom interior design is your option. Eclecticism is now in vogue, so if you want to arrange other rooms in a different style, you have a complete freedom of action. If you plan to do your home in the classic style, a traditional bathroom will look especially organically.

Travertine bathroom: noble chic and authenticity of natural stone!

Travertine bathroom

Today the bathroom must be not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful and attractive! Being always in search of perfection, we sometimes struggle to design modern bathroom. Marble, slate or travertine bathroom, one thing is certain – the bathroom like the nobility and authenticity of natural stone.

Romantic bathroom decorating ideas

Romantic bathroom decorating ideas

What is the romantic bathroom decor? It’s a bathroom decorated with old decoration that emits an unequaled charm of yesteryear. Or it is a small, tidy bathroom designed in pastel colors. According to your own preferences and style of your interior, the Romantic bathroom decor turns out versatile.

Hexagon mosaic tile patterns: design ideas

Hexagon mosaic tile patterns: design ideas

We offer a trendy idea to take into consideration – namely: the hexagon tiles! It has a great artistic aspect. These aesthetic hexagons adapt perfectly to every interior style. Let’s see some admirable examples! The choice of tile color is important.

Natural ambience in the contemporary bathroom

contemporary bathroom

Wood and natural stone   bring harmony and comfort in any room. The imitation natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, limestone or travertine and wood imitation Рreveal the natural character of any bathroom. Some types of stone and wood are very combine because they give a modern appearance to the bathroom.