When decorating the bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. It should also suit the style and tastes of both people who are to use it.

Live edge style: raw wood vanity

Live edge style

Are you looking for new ways to add an accent element that breathes nature in your home? The live edge furniture proves to be the ideal solution! It is a trend that does not cease to amaze us in recent years.

Black bathroom design

black bathroom design

Is black gloomy? No, it is not. Black is expressive and elegant. The requirement for use of black is a large area of the bathroom. Choose glossy tiles for the bathroom walls in black. Shiny tile surface will reflect the light, not concealing space. Lighting plays an important role in the bathroom with dark monochrome tones.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting ideas

The contemporary bathroom is a symbol of elegance and luxury. The spacious and luxurious bathrooms enjoy elegant wooden furniture, ceramics and glass that make the atmosphere even more unreal and magic. Bathroom luminaries are one of the most popular accessories.

Modern bathroom ideas with beautiful pictures

Modern bathroom ideas

Storage space plays a very important role in every part of the house, including the bathroom. So when you buy the furnishing for your bathroom, it is very important to reflect on the storage ideas. A beautiful sink with storage space is a very good idea that you can easily incorporate into your bathroom.

Wooden washbasin cabinets: irresistible design ideas

Wooden washbasin cabinets

The advantages of a wooden bathroom furniture are endless! Such furniture is a trendy design today. Also It has a high quality, unparalleled functionality and timeless elegance. We present today a rich collection of wooden washbasin cabinets. Take a look and see the difference between design furniture  and ordinary furniture.

Wood look tile design ideas

Wood look tile design ideas

If you like to create a bathroom interior that is both modern and cozy, you can use wood look ceramic tiles to replace the traditional parquet.