Room colors

Coral color combinations

Coral color combinations

Coral color is one of the finest and most popular design colors. Acquainted with this color better, you can easily distinguish it from other seemingly similar colors. The coral color is very popular because of its positive energy, because it is associated with summer, sea and relaxation.

Сolor moss green

Moss Green

Color Moss Green is deep and calm. Green moss is a warm shade of green with a little touch of yellow. He looks great in large spacious rooms. This color is one of the best solutions for lush fabrics and rich draperies, thanks to the association with a velvety surface.

Color 2012 – tangerine tango

The well-known U.S. company Colore Pantone Institute, which is a provider of professional color standards for design, each year selects the color of the upcoming year. This year the choice fell on the color at No. 17-14633, or Tangerine Tango. According to the executive director Leatrice Eiseman : “Color tangerine tango is a very rich shade of orange.

turquoise interior

This color came together two elements – air and water. It symbolizes the harmony and creates a sense of  space. The interiors in a turquoise color always look very elegant and expensive. Turquoise color in interior relieves fatigue, provides a positive mood and inspires confidence. Turquoise colour goes well with blue, yellow, white, black and purple colours.