Patterns in interior

Patterns in the interior helps to transform a room, make it more interesting to give a certain style, make look taller or wider.
If you want to quickly revitalize your interior, indulge in something new and unusual to make more beauty to your home, you will uses its drawings, prints and patterns.
Patterns enliven the monotonous details of the interior, such as walls. Drawings can to create on the surfaces the different compositions. And the prints are making a special elegance to the overall design decisions.
But how will you pick up the pattern in each case? You get the answers right now in this section “Patterns in interior”.

Paisley prints in the interior

Paisley in the interior

Today we tell you about the unusual ornaments that came to us from Persia, who served there a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Paisley (paisley – Turkish bean, oriental cucumber) has come a long way before you get to Europe. Ornament moved from Persia to India, and then in the UK in the form of oriental fabrics.

Kids drawings into art

Kids drawings into art

Children’s drawing decorĀ  will give any room a sense of warmth, children’s joy, spontaneity. These can be drawings of your children, grandchildren, nephews. Your child will be delighted by the fact thatĀ  you decorate your bedroom or kitchen with his drawing.

Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

scandinavian patterns

What do you associate the Scandinavian countries? This is a prolonged and snowy winter, long nights and capricious short summer. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who have lacked the natural colors of nature, love to use patterns with bright saturated colors.

How to choose the color schemes

We have prepared the tips how to choose the perfect colors for your interior. The carpet is a “base” of any room. Transfer the colors and patterns from the carpet to the other details of the interior and create a cohesive design. Tips: Add volume and dimensionality with different textures (for example, chairs ). Pictures give a room personality.

Retro style – floral patterns on the tea set

Floral patterns in the 30s filled the space – from silk blouses to tea sets. As especially popular in the seventies, these joyful, romantic colors in the following years were rejected as being archaic. But today, the floral patterns once again seize the spotlight, because retro is now in an unprecedented fashion – and look very stylish and modern.