Painting ideas

The patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor will help to make interior design more interesting.
We are tired of the monotony, we want something radically new, original, stylish. Easy, uncomplicated or complicated and mysterious patterns can become a real decoration of any interior.
A well-chosen colors can help to diversify the way of life. The orange color, for example, gives a good mood. The yellow color makes the smile more often, soothing green and red gives energy.

How to choose a color for kitchen walls: beautiful ideas

How to choose a color for kitchen walls

Probably, the kitchen is room where we spend the most time. Therefore, it is important that it meets our expectations – functional furniture, beautiful colors, etc. In this article, we’ll give you design ideas for kitchen walls color. If you want to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen, you can choose the yellow.

Three fresh shades of green

shades of green

The green is the color that is associated with harmony and nature, ideal for the kitchen and the living room. Also it is the appropriate choice for the home office because it promotes concentration. The green paint is available in several dark and light shades that create different effects in space.

Ideas to use pastel colors in your modern interiors

pastel colors in your modern interiors

We saw several beautiful trends regarding colors in the interior design. Two ways are: choose accessories and furniture for bright accents or choose a pastel color interior. Pale shades do not tire the eyes and make the room comfortable and modern. Scandinavian style has light colors.

Bathroom color ideas

Bathroom color ideas

The color palette is one of the essential elements that define a room. It influences the way in which we perceive space. We must find the balance between personal taste and given architectural conditions. White, black and gray shades offer a huge range of color combinations. These colors are considered modern and timeless.

African safari style in the interior design

African safari style

Safari in the interior is the dynamics, the contrast, the mood of wild, unspoiled nature. This style will suit lovers of exotic and exclusive. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, but want to spice up the interior, you can use just a few accessories in safari style. Animal theme is present in furniture and accessories.

Interior Design Ideas with Vichy Patterns

Interior Design Ideas with Vichy Patterns

Checkered pattern is called Vichy. It is now experiencing another round of its popularity. But it is worth noting that he never fully leaves the stylish pedestal. Leading fashion designers often use Vichy checks in their collections. Interior designers use the Vichy pattern for design in the country style, Provence, retro and traditional English style.

Interior color schemes examples

Interior color schemes examples

You can easily choose colors for the rooms, using our examples of color combination. Also, you must make a choice as possible calmly and professionally. Otherwise, you can expect the frustration of wasted time and money.