Painting ideas

The patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor will help to make interior design more interesting.
We are tired of the monotony, we want something radically new, original, stylish. Easy, uncomplicated or complicated and mysterious patterns can become a real decoration of any interior.
A well-chosen colors can help to diversify the way of life. The orange color, for example, gives a good mood. The yellow color makes the smile more often, soothing green and red gives energy.

Vivid saturated colors in the interior design

Vivid saturated colors in the interior design

If you want to use dark saturated colors in the interior design, you can think about the night sky and the snow glare. Dark blue always look perfectly surrounded by the crystal-white. This tandem has to be complemented with warm shimmering elements that create a dreamlike mood in the room.

Learn how to combine colors in the room

how to combine colors

To find the right colors for the walls in the living room, which will be combined with shades of curtains, furniture and accessories we need to look to the wildlife surrounding us from all sides. Flora and fauna should inspire you to transformation of the room.

Interior decoration: colorful living room design ideas

colorful living room design ideas

In this article we will give you great ideas for a fresh and unique interior design. The colors play an important role in our homes which we do not realize. But before starting to paint the walls in orange or red, just because we like these colors, we take the risk of going crazy between the four red walls.

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise ideas for every room

Turquoise is a very popular color for many reasons, like the eponymous stone that gave the name accordingly. First, in winter, it makes us dream of tropical islands and exotic beaches of pure water. Secondly, in summer, it gives us the feeling of a pleasantly cool. Turquoise curtains are the excellent choice to decorate the interior.

Different Gray Kitchen models to suit all tastes

Gray Kitchen

There is something extraordinary in a wooden gray  kitchen! Maybe it’s the magical interaction between color and natural material or the cool gray offset by warm wood … Anyway, the kitchen design  in gray and wood is  versatile and lightweight.

Design Ideas for White Kitchens

Design Ideas for White Kitchens

The white kitchen may seem difficult to maintain and too pretentious. Yet the contemporary kitchen has more than one face and can show also super convenient and charming! We have already examined the kitchen in black and white, red and gray kitchen.