Painting ideas

The patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor will help to make interior design more interesting.
We are tired of the monotony, we want something radically new, original, stylish. Easy, uncomplicated or complicated and mysterious patterns can become a real decoration of any interior.
A well-chosen colors can help to diversify the way of life. The orange color, for example, gives a good mood. The yellow color makes the smile more often, soothing green and red gives energy.

Retro style – floral patterns on the tea set

Floral patterns in the 30s filled the space – from silk blouses to tea sets. As especially popular in the seventies, these joyful, romantic colors in the following years were rejected as being archaic. But today, the floral patterns once again seize the spotlight, because retro is now in an unprecedented fashion – and look very stylish and modern.

turquoise interior

This color came together two elements – air and water. It symbolizes the harmony and creates a sense of  space. The interiors in a turquoise color always look very elegant and expensive. Turquoise color in interior relieves fatigue, provides a positive mood and inspires confidence. Turquoise colour goes well with blue, yellow, white, black and purple colours.