Painting ideas

The patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor will help to make interior design more interesting.
We are tired of the monotony, we want something radically new, original, stylish. Easy, uncomplicated or complicated and mysterious patterns can become a real decoration of any interior.
A well-chosen colors can help to diversify the way of life. The orange color, for example, gives a good mood. The yellow color makes the smile more often, soothing green and red gives energy.

Black & White stripes in the interior

Black and white stripes in the interior

The stripes are one of the most popular patterns and on the wallpaper and textiles, and furniture upholstery. They are easy to work in almost any interior style. In addition, they have the ability to create optical illusions, they also make the space less boring.

Color 2012 – tangerine tango

The well-known U.S. company Colore Pantone Institute, which is a provider of professional color standards for design, each year selects the color of the upcoming year. This year the choice fell on the color at No. 17-14633, or Tangerine Tango. According to the executive director Leatrice Eiseman : “Color tangerine tango is a very rich shade of orange.

How to choose the color schemes

We have prepared the tips how to choose the perfect colors for your interior. The carpet is a “base” of any room. Transfer the colors and patterns from the carpet to the other details of the interior and create a cohesive design. Tips: Add volume and dimensionality with different textures (for example, chairs ). Pictures give a room personality.

The combination of black and blue

The best part of this color combination  is that there are many different shades of blue, and they all go well with black. You can also experiment with different textures of black, use a shiny or matte coating, playing on the grayscale transparency.