Painting ideas

The patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor will help to make interior design more interesting.
We are tired of the monotony, we want something radically new, original, stylish. Easy, uncomplicated or complicated and mysterious patterns can become a real decoration of any interior.
A well-chosen colors can help to diversify the way of life. The orange color, for example, gives a good mood. The yellow color makes the smile more often, soothing green and red gives energy.

Kids drawings into art

Kids drawings into art

Children’s drawing decor  will give any room a sense of warmth, children’s joy, spontaneity. These can be drawings of your children, grandchildren, nephews. Your child will be delighted by the fact that  you decorate your bedroom or kitchen with his drawing.

Scandinavian ornaments in the interior

scandinavian patterns

What do you associate the Scandinavian countries? This is a prolonged and snowy winter, long nights and capricious short summer. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who have lacked the natural colors of nature, love to use patterns with bright saturated colors.

Combine pink and green in the rooms

Combine pink and green in the rooms

Home decor reflects the feelings and emotions of their owners. Therefore, we are always looking for suitable color combinations and patterns that would have brought in an interior desired effect. But the possible combinations and options are so many that you can easily get lost in the variety of choice.

Сolor moss green

Moss Green

Color Moss Green is deep and calm. Green moss is a warm shade of green with a little touch of yellow. He looks great in large spacious rooms. This color is one of the best solutions for lush fabrics and rich draperies, thanks to the association with a velvety surface.