Color schemes

Natural harmony in interior design

green kitchen

Shades of green are insidious because, in large amounts and if used improperly, they erase all the positive impression of the interior. Therefore, green definitely need to be combined with other shades, both heat and cold, but necessarily, with the knowledge of all its features. We help choose the best green for you.

Sensual classics in interior design

grey and pink

Flowers give us the beauty and magic flavor. They also help arrange elegant interior design effortlessly. We consider the option of using the classic combination of pink and gray, on the example of peony or fuchsia, whose petals play a few shades, from the most gentle to bright and saturated.

Bright color combinations for interior design

Bright color combinations

The bright colors help to cope with the autumn-winter gloom. The plumage of exotic birds can serve as an occasion for bright combinations in interior design. As an illustrative example, we take the parrot feather colors. Light green, azure, yellow – these are the basic colors. But these eye-catching shades will look too aggressively in large quantities.

Interior color schemes examples

Interior color schemes examples

You can easily choose colors for the rooms, using our examples of color combination. Also, you must make a choice as possible calmly and professionally. Otherwise, you can expect the frustration of wasted time and money.

Yellow interior design ideas

Yellow interior design ideas

Yellow like the rays of the sun that peered into our window. Yellow is a great color used for decorating the interior design and beautifully reflects the sun light that invade the interior space with a gold yellow light that makes the room feel so bright, providing a warmth feeling. Yellow goes well with many other colors.