Color combinations

The color combinations is the foundation of a harmonious whole interior. We provide articles, pictures, examples, and selection of color combinations in the interior.
If used in the interior of only one color, the room very quickly get bored. The room becomes obscure and monotonous.
To avoid all this, designers are advised to use multiple colors. But everyone is different, someone developed artistic taste, and someone there, so in these cases come to the aid of knowledge about the rules of color combinations.
There are colors that blend perfectly, and there are those that are used in conjunction unacceptable. But what is color? How do the combinations of colors on us? You will learn about this in our section “Color combinations”

Combine pink and green in the rooms

Combine pink and green in the rooms

Home decor reflects the feelings and emotions of their owners. Therefore, we are always looking for suitable color combinations and patterns that would have brought in an interior desired effect. But the possible combinations and options are so many that you can easily get lost in the variety of choice.

Black & White stripes in the interior

Black and white stripes in the interior

The stripes are one of the most popular patterns and on the wallpaper and textiles, and furniture upholstery. They are easy to work in almost any interior style. In addition, they have the ability to create optical illusions, they also make the space less boring.

The combination of black and blue

The best part of this color combination  is that there are many different shades of blue, and they all go well with black. You can also experiment with different textures of black, use a shiny or matte coating, playing on the grayscale transparency.