Color combinations

The color combinations is the foundation of a harmonious whole interior. We provide articles, pictures, examples, and selection of color combinations in the interior.
If used in the interior of only one color, the room very quickly get bored. The room becomes obscure and monotonous.
To avoid all this, designers are advised to use multiple colors. But everyone is different, someone developed artistic taste, and someone there, so in these cases come to the aid of knowledge about the rules of color combinations.
There are colors that blend perfectly, and there are those that are used in conjunction unacceptable. But what is color? How do the combinations of colors on us? You will learn about this in our section “Color combinations”

Unexpected bright accents in the living room

bright accents in the living room

Basic shades so good that they are ready for any experiments, for example, as a non-standard color combinations. Nature inspires us to use rich colors. So the ordinary things we surround ourselves with every day, even a favorite treat can become a cause of the apparent transformation.

Bathroom color ideas

Bathroom color ideas

The color palette is one of the essential elements that define a room. It influences the way in which we perceive space. We must find the balance between personal taste and given architectural conditions. White, black and gray shades offer a huge range of color combinations. These colors are considered modern and timeless.

African safari style in the interior design

African safari style

Safari in the interior is the dynamics, the contrast, the mood of wild, unspoiled nature. This style will suit lovers of exotic and exclusive. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, but want to spice up the interior, you can use just a few accessories in safari style. Animal theme is present in furniture and accessories.

The color combinations in the interior photos

color combinations in the interior photos

Any interior design begins with the selection of color combinations. Color sets the mood and style of interior design. Color combinations can be quite different. It may be a combination of warm and cold, bright and pastel colors, contrasting or similar. The interior design is best to combine the three primary colors and a few extra.

Orange and yellow bedroom design ideas

Orange and yellow bedroom design ideas

Paint the bedroom walls with the yellow, honey, carrot and apricot tones. This cheerful bedroom will remind you about the rest, charging cheerful mood. Furthermore, by choosing a combination of yellow and orange can be successfully highlight features of various styles. Saturated perky colors (orange, carrot, bright yellow) used in Mexican style.

Beige color and color combinations

Beige color and color combinations

Beige color can be called a classic. This is a very conservative, quiet and relaxing color, symbolizing the simplicity and elegance. Beige color is considered to be neutral, as it is both warm and cool. Beige suits any room: office, bedroom or kids room. Its harmonious compatibility with other colors offers great opportunities for the most daring experiments.