Pop Art Style In Interior Design

Pop Art Style In Interior Design

Pop art style makes for an unusual and colorful interior design. Pop art is an abbreviation of “popular art.” Another meaning of the word “pop” is punch. That is something that produces shocking effect. Bright, sometimes kitschy, bold and innovative – all these are pop-art.

Dining table with natural wood texture

dining table

Nature has an infinite beauty; you can even enjoy it at the table where you eat. If you like the natural shades of wood, you would like the dining table with natural wood motif. Today interior items with an expressive, rough texture are trend.

Designer furniture: Modern chest of drawers

Designer furniture: Modern chest of drawers

This chest of drawers was designed by the Swedish firm Markus Johansson Design Studio and will be presented at Salone Satellite 2013 in Milan. Sleek and stylish piece of furniture as if launched into a playful dance. It looks good on its own or in the company of his fellow.

Provence style

Provence style

South of France is olive groves and lavender fields. It is here formed a popular interior style.   Vintage or artificially aged furniture Textured painted surface gives credence to the Provence style. All of the furnishings and decoration must bear the stamp of the time.  Main material is wood, ceramics. You can use wrought-iron furniture and accessories.

Interior design 2013

Designers and decorators have formulated a vision of world trends in the interior design in 2013. Although sometimes their predictions are diametrically opposed, they all agree up to the smallest detail in some areas.

Wrought iron furniture

wrought iron furniture

Metal Art is the traditional, time-tested way to create unique interior features and give it respectability. Wrought iron furniture is this lightness and unshakable strength. It blends harmoniously into any modern interior. Wrought iron furniture represents continuity and tradition, reliability and stability. Today, wrought iron furniture is the most fashionable trend of furniture industry.

Interior Decorations With Ropes

rope decor

Sometimes the simplest things and materials behave unpredictably. This happens, when designers begin to experiment. Today, we have prepared an overview of projects in which as a subject for creative acts is ordinary rope. In principle, the use of ropes in the interior design is a long time.