Architectural Furniture Werner Aisslinger

Architectural Furniture Werner Aisslinger

Werner Aisslinger introduced its two latest works in Milan iSaloni 2014 – a huge leather chair Colloseum and furniture sculpture Atomium, combine the functions of a small coffee table and lamp. Both interior objects are part of a collection Europe Collection, over which designer worked together with the Italian company Moroso.

Fat Armchair


In the beginning there was Fat-Fat, a multifunctional element that doubled as a table/container, from which first the Fat-Fat coffee tables and then the Fat-Fat bed developed.

Design Trends: Lace


Designers decorate their furniture and accessories elegant lace. en Napron collection of Carved Crochet, tree, Malabar. Wallpapers Lace, paper, Jocelyn Warner. Chair from the collection  Lace, steel, textiles, designer Stefano Pirovano, Bysteel. Vase, porcelain, Sia Home Fashion.