Trend 2016: living room curtains

living room curtains

Net curtains and curtains are among the elements of interior design. They best suited to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, regardless of the room you want to decorate. Their practical protection against sun, combined with the aesthetic effect they create, plays a key role in the contemporary interior decoration.

Pouf design ideas

Pouf design ideas

Pouf is a furniture design trend in the contemporary interior, which offers us rest and well-being. This furniture is both practical and decorative. Today, designer’s ideas are not only limited to traditional forms. Pouf design is already square, round, oval, pear and bag. Pouf design can be giant or small.

Pop art style in interior design

Pop art style

Pop art is an abbreviation of “popular art”. This interior style is bright, sometimes kitschy, bold and innovative. Use the art facilities, which obviously cannot be used in the design of another interior style and get a modern version of pop art.

Baroque furniture style: modern decor ideas

Baroque furniture style

Today, the baroque style is undoubtedly the universal symbol of luxury and extravagance. Baroque furniture dazzle us with extraordinary splendor of ornaments, luxurious fabrics, beautiful gilding. If you think the baroque furniture have no place in your home, you are mistaken. The Baroque style used in modern decor to create an original style.

Wood, stone and concrete. Interior design ideas to enjoy

Wood, stone and concrete

We carefully choose what will decorate the home walls in contemporary interiors. The choice is varied and original. It is a wood, a concrete, a stone, a mural or wallpaper. The concrete, the brick and 3D wall panels are the absolute trends in recent years. Natural stone gives the interior a slightly nostalgic look. But it is very original.

Vintage trunks and suitcases for home decor

Vintage trunks and suitcases for home decor

Comfort and convenience of vintage style is extremely popular. And if you put a little effort, you can easily make wonderful items for home decor. Old suitcase is multifunction thing. If you attach the wheels to it, the suitcase is transformed into a mobile cabinet, which can be easily moved to any convenient location. Old suitcases can be repainted.