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Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer is almost here, and most of are looking for a different home decorating look for those warmer months. Summer is experiments with colors and patterns in clothing, time to decorate your home. We offer a few ideas to update your entire home for the summer season. The primary concern is the atmosphere of coolness, light and bright colors.

Bathroom Design Trends 2015

Bathroom Design Trends 2015

Who does not like to soak in a warm bath with fragrant foam after a hard day’s work or take an invigorating shower in the morning? Bathroom is a place where we begin and end your day. Bathroom must give to the positive mood in the morning and before bedtime.

2015 kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends

We can present the 5 major kitchen Decor Trends in 2015! Geometric patterns in recent years were the top trends. It is now the turn of elegant patterns. They are look as in ceramics as wallpaper, tiles on cement or even floor coverings such as carpets. These delicate mosaics give much character to a room such as the kitchen.

10 modern sofas for every budget

modern sofas

The sofa is the focal point of the exhibition, in addition to being one of the biggest purchases of home decor. This is also the place where you huddle to watch a movie or read a book. The choice of the sofa is important for many reasons.

Retro chic: Wicker furniture swingrest hanging lounger

Wicker furniture swingrest hanging lounger

Wicker furniture for relaxation never loses its relevance. Dedon is known German manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture. He created a new masterpiece – hanging lounger Swingrest. Swingrest basis is a wicker basket and a mattress. Due to the shape of the nest, chaise Dedon Swingrest blends into the surrounding landscape.