Valentine s Day

Valentines Day home decor is easy and requires few materials and a little imagination. Heart-shaped red paper for Valentines Day is like a tree for Christmas. With just a thin rope or solid thread and red, pink and white paper you can make heart-shaped garlands and decorate your home or room with.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Settings

Valentine’s Day Table Settings

If you are looking r inspirational for Valentine’s Day table settings, we present you our gallery. Romantic, elegant and original table decorating ideas will help you make a nice table setting and create an atmosphere of love, to celebrate the day of Valentine’s Day.

Decorating with red in the bedroom

Decorating with red in the bedroom

Most people recognize that the bedroom color affect their relationship According to a study conducted by an independent research company Redshift Research: «93 % of respondents in nine countries around the world recognize that the use of the red t color in the bedroom can add positive emotions in relationships.

Fragile beauty to your home

butterflies in interior decoration

Butterfly is a symbol of beauty, perfection, and rebirth. Butterflies are a talisman of love and joy, decorating the bedroom walls, they create a romantic mood. Feng Shui recommend decorate the bedroom walls with fluttering butterflies to enhance romantic relationships, to add fire to the intimate life partners.

Valentine’s Day colors

Valentine's Day colors

Red is a symbol of passion, the personification of courage, power, beauty and brightness. For example, red is a symbol of joy, fun and happiness, active action in feng shui. Maybe that’s why the red is the traditional interior decoration and gifts to Valentine’s Day. Pink is the color of sincerity, tenderness and love.

Valentines day candles

Valentines day candles

Valentines Day is primarily associated with a romantic setting. So candle will be the most successful gift.   Candles impart an atmosphere of sensuality and set up the romantic mood. In the candlelight, in the dim light, everything seems so mysterious and inviting.

10 valentines day ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming! This is another great reason to confess his love, to give gifts and decorate your home for the holiday. A few inspirational ideas: 1. Frames with embroidery «PS … I love you.» 2. Valentine decorations:garland. This is yarn decorations. We propose to make a garland to decorate a fireplace or  shelf in the Valentines Day.