Blue room design ideas

Blue room design ideas
Blue room design ideas

Blue is one of the favorite colors used in the bedroom. The soothing effect of this color, and persistent association with the sea and the sky are filled with its special meaning and beauty.

According to the color theory for designers, blue promotes solitude, contemplate, and serenity. These are precisely the qualities that are needed in the bedroom by the hosts, for whom the rest and relaxation are paramount.

Depending on the location of the bedroom in the house, is to choose a particular shade of blue: blue-gray and cool shades of blue is useful if the bedroom window faces south, and the brighter shades of blue fit the bedrooms located on the the north side.

Light blue bedroom

Gentle blue color can bring spirituality and peace almost any bedroom. He has a positive effect on the subconscious, relaxing him. Recommend using several similar shades of gray-blue, light blue. These colors go well with gray and white.

Blue bedroom

Blue is the color of reliability, confidence and strength. The most common color combination, which has become a classic in clothing and interior design is white and blue. It looks good not only for monotone surfaces, but also in complex geometric and floral patterns.

Turquoise bedroom

Turquoise shades in the bedroom is not just a passing fad (because this color has long been among the most trendy in the world of interior design), but also a step towards a cozy interior in blue tones.


Comfortable bedrooms with vintage elements

Provence interior design bedroom

There are two options for the bedroom design: in the first version, the bedroom is emotionally faceless, as it was the zero point from which the new day begins. It simply serves as a background for emotional unloading.