Blue and white pattern in the interior

Blue and white pattern in the interior
Blue and white pattern in the interior

The combination of blue and white is considered a classic in the interior. This combination is associated with nobility and luxury, sea elements, balance and serenity. This article will focus on the ornaments with blue and white colors.

Blue and white ornaments have become a tradition for many cultures and nationalities, particularly common floral designs, landscapes and animal motifs in blue and white colors. At first, the blue-and-white patterns were considered a prerogative of the dining room and decorative tableware, decorative vases and tiles, various ceramic products. But gradually migrated to a combination of textiles, wall painting, furniture upholstery.

We offer a selection of interiors with blue and white ornaments.


Ivory decor design ideas

Ivory decor design ideas

A beautiful and noble cream color called Ivory, quite often lies at the basis of the color palette of classical and traditional interiors. In addition, Ivory is one of the most versatile colors, which is perfectly combined with warm and cold shades, as well as pastel and contrasting rich tones.

How to choose the bathroom color – tips and pictures

Retro bathroom

Choosing the right color for the rooms can sometimes be a big challenge, especially when it comes to the bathroom where the result seems permanent and in addition the materials are very expensive. It’s clear that not all colors work everywhere. Below, we show you design ideas of successful bathrooms that will help you choose the color for you.

What color for a living room – dark or pastel

color for a living room

The living room sets the tone of the home and determines the atmosphere. She is centerpiece of the home which is the most frequented room and welcomes the guests.  What color for a living room you need to choose? The answer turns out to be quite simple and our gallery of images will help you regain the inspiration.

Living room wall paint: chic ideas

Living room wall paint

To start you must pay attention to a real conventionally white salon. In recent years the white color is back and it’s not by chance. With its unsurpassed purity and the many decorative options it offers, the blank canvas is again fashionable. Of course, a background that lacks color requires a certain amount of ornamental accents to take life.