20 kids rooms Ideas. Part 1

20 kids rooms Ideas. Part 1

Say NO to boring monotonous walls and add vibrant color to the kids room! And even better – dedicate a baby room themes – whether it’s a favorite fairy tale, or a passion for film.

Zoo Room
This kids room gets their own individual style with pictures of animals on the carpet, bedding, curtains and painting.

River wall paintings
The wall painting  with  dragonflies, frogs on the river is very calming.  And if your child loves to frolic near the lakes and rivers – a lake likes to him  in his room.

The color riot in a room fit the active child. All rainbow colors will bring joy, fun and children’s laughter  in the kids room.

Space Flight
Does your son love Star Wars? Give him a dream room  – a few pictures of the planets  on the walls  in conjunction with cosmic patterns and bright colors and your son feel like a real astronaut.

The strips
The bands in this room are found on virtually all surfaces and in all materials – they, as well as a combination of red, blue and white give the room a patriotic style.

Purple walls and colorful bed linens create a creative space for the child.

This kids room with hearts, bright colors, circles, patterns  likes the teenager.

Orange mood
Orange is a bright backdrop for the room with light furniture and flooring. Garland and bright linens are reminded that in this room, the children lives. This color scheme is neutral enough – it will be comfortable both girls and boys.

The Inhabited Island
In this room the main thing is the color palette, based on a combination of light shades of blue and green with bright splashes of pink, orange and red. Every color and every thing in the room echoes with nature: a blue sky – on the ceiling, green trees – on the walls, blue sea – on the floor.

Color combination
The baby rooms  should radiate joy of the baby birth. Therefore, the combination of hot pink and sunny yellow in the room is very organic.


Three fresh shades of green

shades of green

The green is the color that is associated with harmony and nature, ideal for the kitchen and the living room. Also it is the appropriate choice for the home office because it promotes concentration. The green paint is available in several dark and light shades that create different effects in space.

The color combinations in the interior photos

color combinations in the interior photos

Any interior design begins with the selection of color combinations. Color sets the mood and style of interior design. Color combinations can be quite different. It may be a combination of warm and cold, bright and pastel colors, contrasting or similar. The interior design is best to combine the three primary colors and a few extra.

Colorful interiors design ideas

Colorful interiors design ideas

If you like bright colors, but you were always afraid to take a chance and experiment with rich tones; today’s selection of colorful living spaces is exactly what you need. The designers prove that the improper or “inconvenient” colors for home decoration do not happen.